14/04/2009 - Small Business Server


Server migrations can be a chore and the cause of business downtime.

Some tips from a recent migration we performed;

Remember what your teachers told you before starting an exam, read through the whole paper so you know exactly what you are facing and how long you need to spend on each section.

When following through pages of procedures it can be easy to miss vital steps, therefore it is absolutely  necessary to tick off each step as it is performed.

Backup everything that you can and anything that would be detrimental to the client if lost. Ensure that you can restore these backups.

Make sure that you understand what the purpose of a particular procedure is. This means you can understand what is happening when/if it goes wrong.


16/10/2008 - Antivirus


Viruses, spyware, rootkits - these are all words that no company wants to hear they have.

Antivirus protection is a must for both individuals and businesses.  It helps protect against unwanted or malicious software exploiting your computers and servers, resulting in data loss, downtime and cost to your business.

With one of our larger clients, we have taken this a step further to cover all points of entry for viruses.  Using Lightspeed Total Traffic Control, an innovative server / client based system, it monitors all data - from the internet and emails, USB keys, CD's and more.  With spam and content filtering, application whitelisting (allowing only specific programs to run, and denying all others) and denying access to using USB keys or removable media, their network of 100 PC's and servers runs smoothly, with no downtime and no danger of data being copied and taken away. 

Rules can quickly be added to allow new programs onto the network, or to give individuals access to a CD or USB key, and bandwidth monitoring / throttling can take place to ensure key services remain up and operational.


15/10/2008 - Backups


Backups are an essential part of any business, to ensure minimal downtime and no loss of critical data in case any systems fail.

Drive Snapshot is a fast disk imaging / backup tool, designed for Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Server Editions, and is incredibly useful for making backups onto an external drive or device, which can then be taken off site.

Whilst RAID and other backup methods are essential for business, having an off site backup is also crucial, in case of fire or theft.  Drive Snapshot's simple interface, and command line options, mean that backups can be done on schedule, and restored via a boot disk or CD.

We have also used numerous other backup systems for server and desktops; if you'd like to know more about how we can help implement your backup systems for your business, please contact us.