Invoicing System


PR Law Costs required an invoicing system to speed up their current manual system, whilst including:

  • Calculating hourly rates and percentage of profit costs,
  • Generating PDF invoices, 
  • Create monthly paid, unpaid and cancelled PDF lists, with totals
  • Factor in discounting periods and VAT calculations.
  • Payments on Accounts

We used Harmony to create an online invoicing system, allowing PR Law Costs to run their day-to-day invoicing online, from any web-connected computer. 

Harmony's task system automates generation of monthly statements for clients, as well as applying payments on accounts to multiple invoices automatically.

As a result, PR Law Costs' average time spent on creating invoices has dropped from 30 hours a month to just 10 hours - saving them just over 2 business days a month, which they can spend on more important tasks!